• ROVAC Features
  • Product specification
Intelligent Self navigation, Anti-drop from stairs, Auto-charging Smart avoidance and rerouting from obstacles, Cleaning time scheduling
Powerful Cleaning Powerful suction, Two side brushes cover edge of walls and corners effectively HEPA filter built-in (clean air out)
Easy Operation One touch cleaning, Preset cleaning modes, i.e. Auto, Edge, Spot
Remote control
Easy Maintenance No parts need to be removed for cleaning other than the dust bin Dust bin is easy to remove, to wash and to reinstall
Smart Looking Soft-touch LED panel, Slim in size, Modern looking
Size (W x L x H) 340 x 340 x 90mm
Weight 4.0KG
Power 25W
Power voltage 14.4V
Battery Ni-MH, 2000mAH
Noise level 60db
Dust bin capacity 300 ML
Cleaning mode Auto, Spot, Edge, Delay Start, Daily Schedule
Charging time 200 ~ 300 min
Cleaning time 90 min maximum